RIP Bumble Bee Dress!

Myself and housemate Tim partying at Asylum - one of many student nights out!
Myself and housemate Tim partying at Asylum – one of many student nights out!

This is an idea that I have yet to try and, to a lot of people, will sound absolutely ludicrous. However, if hindsight has taught me anything it is that if you see something you absolutely love, then it’s probably best to invest in it twice!

I realise that not everybody will be able to purchase two pairs of the same shoes or buy the same dress twice, but hear me out.

Back in my student days I bought a beautiful mustard, grey and black striped dress from Warehouse. It was short with a rounded neckline and three-quarter length sleeves; extremely comfortable and a hit with friends, family and random people who complimented me on numerous nights out. From its colours it became known as my ‘Bumble Bee’ dress.

However, as I bought more and more clothes and my wardrobe became more and more full, I neglected my Bumble Bee for a couple of months. To my horror, the next time I got it out to wear, moths had been at it – greedily nibbling away at one of the sleeves. A small hole initially, I refused to be beaten and simply stitched it up. This was OK at first – only I could tell it had been stitched, unless you closely inspected my upper-right arm.

But alas, all good things come to an end and within weeks, and several re-stitches later, the hole got bigger and I was unable to wear one of my absolute favourite dresses in my life so far. By the time all this had happened, the dress was no longer in stock and there were no similar styles anywhere!

The moral of the story? Well probably don’t leave your clothes in the wardrobe for too long, but I’m going with ‘If you see something you like, then you need to buy it twice!’

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  1. Adele says:

    Aww no! I have many fond memories of nights out and you wearing this dress! One of my faves has to be the Christmassy night out to Lamp with Carl et al. I believe many free jagermeister shots were consumed that night!

    It really will be sadly missed Laura? RIP bumble bee dress! Xxx

  2. ljaneallen says:

    I know! Absolutely loved this dress – so flattering. Can’t believe I tried to sew it several times in sheer desperation to keep it! 🙂 xxx

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