How to walk in heels: Step 3 – Take small steps

Day 3 of my heel wearing shenanigans and I’ve chosen some cheeky 3 inch kittens to visit my friend in and practice my small steps a.k.a baby steps.

Well not quite baby steps as I can already walk, but you get my meaning!

  • You should start by taking small, slow steps. Try not to think about your steps though, you want them to look as normal as possible (so not bending your knees any more than you usually would).
  • Heels shorten your stride and the taller the heel the shorter the stride, regardless of how tall or short you are.
  • When walking you must put your heel down first and, when your weight is on the ball of your foot, shift your weight forward so it’s on the ball (as if you’re walking on your tip toe). Then repeat this action with your other foot and so on.
  • Remember to keep your legs close together for an elegant walk – the last thing you want to do is walk with a plodding action (or manly) when you look so good!

Channel your inner model…models walk by putting one foot slightly in front of the other for a hip swaying, alluring walk. This looks great, but practice in your chosen heels so you don’t get too carried away and heaven forbid fall!

Handy tip!

Wherever you are wearing your heels you will not be constantly on the move. When standing still, at the bar for instance, try standing like this for grace, poise and to rest your feet.

Stand with the heel of one foot touching the inside of the other, half way up. Angle this foot just slightly and put your weight on the toe of the foot slightly behind. When this foot gets tired simply swap and continue until you’re on the move again!

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