How to walk in heels: Step 6 – Give your feet a break!

This is perhaps my favourite tip of all…taking regular breaks!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid dancer, but 5 hours (sometimes more) jigging about in heels and I think that’s enough for most people! So, it’s important to take short, regular breaks.

Sit down and chat with friends, even if you visit the bathroom it still counts! But, and this is crucial, DON’T take your heels off!!! They feel better briefly, but you may struggle to get them back on.

Handy tip!

Once you take off your heels your feet begin to swell making the pain worse and your shoes harder to get on afterwards. It also makes it even harder to carry on dancing!

So, it’s the moment of truth…have I improved my walk enough to stride, dance and pirouette with confidence tonight? Well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

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