Nails Inc meets Illamasqua


Having a relaxing night in before a work away day tomorrow and whilst I was watching a bit of the Champions League match between Celtic and Juventus I decided to do my nails…and get creative.

So I reached for two of my favourite nail polishes – Limited Edition silver, glittery Nails Inc and Boosh by Illamasqua.

I started by applying a simple base coat and then coated my nails in Illamasqua’s sleek and sexy Boosh.

Tip: When applying nail varnish only dip the brush into the bottle once per nail to avoid too much air entering it. Too much air will dry the polish out quicker and make it harder to put on-polish will appear streaky!

After applying a second coat of Boosh and waiting for it to dry I picked up Nails Inc.

To create the sweeping diagonal tip, I used the side of the brush and, starting from a third up my nail created a diagonal line and filled in the rest for a triangular shape. I went from left to right on my left hand (looking at your hand held out in front of you) and right to left on my right hand.

It’s perfectly simple, but just gives you a tip with a difference.

By picking colours that work well together you can create all sorts of looks. Black and silver is sophisticated, but why not add a pop of colour to your outfits by pairing blue and green or purple and neon pink?

I’ll post the results shortly so you can see what I’m talking about.

Enjoy! šŸ™‚

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