Perspex shoes – are you in or out?

One of the latest trends to migrate from the catwalks to the high street is the Perspex shoe, or rather Perspex heels or Perspex side panels. I’ve never really given them much thought before today, but this afternoon I found a new range of SS13 shoes on my desk ready to be written about and SEO’d. Low and behold the first one was a hot pink suede pointed toe court shoe with Perspex panelling!

Now forget if you can the hot pink suede fiasco and think about the Perspex. I had to for a good several minutes – walking about and grabbing a coffee for some thinking space, but the creative juices were not flowing. All I could think of was garish, ugly, hot and sweaty.

I don’t want people to think I’m totally against using Perspex in shoes, because I’m not. I just really dislike it when it’s done badly and unfortunately they are either done really well which is reflected in their price tag or, well, a hot pink sweaty mess!

After looking for inspiration, I came across several Perspex shoes that have done it exceptionally well yet are not absolutely extortionate in price. Here’s what I found, and yes, there’s even some Perspex side panels!

Rihanna Perspex Heel Platform Shoe Boots from
Rihanna Perspex Heel Platform Shoe Boots from
Perspex Platform Shoe by New Look
Perspex Platform Shoe by New Look with cute ankle strap detail

Court shoes with chunky Perspex heel by Topshop
Topshop Court Shoes with Perspex Heel

So, after having a look at some of the quite decent Perspex shoes out there are you tempted to buy a pair?

Although I won’t be rushing to the shops anytime soon, I do think the Perspex heels are a nice touch for summer, especially the white and more contemporary looking ones – they’ll look great with floral print skirts and dresses for off-duty luxe!

Perspex shoes…are you in or out? Let me know.