Summer Prints


Summer’s here and this season it’s all about the prints

OK, so since my last blog about crop tops it has rained, rained some more oh and snowed so it may seem a bit silly to be talking about summer and summer fashion, but I’m positive that the weather is going to pick up soon and damn it we WILL have our summer!

With this in mind, I’m sure you’ve all seen what’s been hitting the high street…that’s right, prints. All sorts of prints and patterns from the understated and chic to the obvious florals and just outrageous. As promised, I’ll be doing a a feature on prints this week that will involve my favourite prints I’ve spotted out and about in Liverpool, what prints flatter and which to avoid as well as prints that men simply can’t fathom!

So, to start off this feature I’ll be sharing some stunning prints that I have and have seen out and about recently. As always, please feel free to share your love of prints with me and send in your pics!

Just over a month ago I was shopping on the high street desperately looking for an outfit for a party. It was getting late, I hadn’t seen anything I really liked, when on the way back to the car I decided to nip into H&M and found this beauty.

H&M skirt: Dipped hem skirt with all-over skull print.
H&M skirt: Dipped hem skirt with all-over skull print.

With an all-over skull print, this gorgeous dipped hem skirt with mini skirt lining by H&M is edgy, striking and the ultimate gothic statement piece. I wear it with a plain black vest top tucked in or a lace top, tights and studded ankle leather boots. With an oversized studded clutch my after dark look is complete.

Enough about me, what’s everybody else wearing? Well I went to the Lomax in Liverpool on Friday to see my mate’s band playing and bumped into a girl who was able to pull off this beautiful vibrant print.

River Island trousers in vibrant red hue with mosaic patterned print.
River Island trousers in vibrant red hue with mosaic patterned print.

Bold, bright and beautiful, I love these printed trousers by River Island. They’re not for the faint hearted, but if you pair them with a plain tee and some killer heels you’ll have a gorgeous and eye-catching outfit, perfect for lunch dates and girly catch ups. Add a pair of boots for a great gig look. The wearer of these pants added a crop top with logo print and a faux fur coat for a vintage luxe look.

Classic meets chic in this vintage statement look.
Classic meets chic in this vintage statement look.

Later on in the night (which was meant to be an early finished, but turned into a half five finish) a group of us went to Bumper for a good old dance when I saw a girl who had taken monochrome (a great SS13 trend – see my blog post on it) a fashion-forward step further.

Monochrome printed trousers
Monochrome printed trousers

In an Aztec style print, these monochrome trousers (forgive me, I can’t remember where they are from) are striking and in a fitted cut they contour to your legs to show off your svelte pins. I was so happy to see that, despite the weather, this glam girl had donned a crop top and some killer heels. With an updo, she really pulled off the chic summer look.

Monochrome trousers seen at Bumper
Monochrome trousers seen at Bumper

With a thin denim shirt left open and draped over her as well as a large, glam collar style necklace, this outfit id finished off gorgeously and the pastel nails are stunning. I love this outfit and hope the weather gets better soon so we start seeing more of these outfits out and about.

Feel free to send in your prints that you’ll be fishing out your wardrobe ready for this summer!

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