Are you Cray for Cray Cray?

Are you Cray for Cray Cray? Because I’m not!

OK so I was shopping in Liverpool One after work and was blinded by all the slogan tops that are on the high street. Not that slogan tops are a bad thing – I quite like some of them, but I was literally stopped dead in my tracks by a grey crop top in the window of Internaçionale.

The slogan splashed across the front…you guessed it Cray Cray. Now, is it just me or is this a new found slang term that appears in the Urban dictionary alongside the likes of YOLO and other completely banal sayings?

From what I can gather it simply means crazy, but as it is repeated perhaps it means completely off the wall nuts! I realise I’m starting to sound like a child of the 40s rather than the 80s so I’ll leave the likes of Cray Cray, Loser, Genius, Sick and YOLO and talk instead about the slogan tops I really like.

For me, the Nerd and Geek tops that can be found all over the high street are definitely a hit. I think everyone can be a nerd or a bit of a closet geek over something their passionate about from XBOX games and anime to literature and cat facts so why not embrace your inner geek chic and dress your torso in one of these crop tops, tees, sweaters or jumpers?

I also love the subtle slogans that aren’t plastered across the chest of the top in cartoon-like fonts. I feel they are more elegant and perhaps move away from the studenty look and more towards the chic professional, but I may be biased!

Here are some of my faves:

These are some of my favourite slogan tops available on the high street and online at the moment - what  you think?

On the left we have a Geek cropped sweater from my new high street fave Ark. At just £9.99 why not treat yourself and get it in a couple of colours like green, red, black and more?

The middle is a vibrant cobalt Nerd sweater by Topshop, which is currently retailing at a very reasonable £18.00. Topshop have several cute geeky slogan tops including Dweeb…adorable!

And last, but not least, the Vila jumper on the right, which displays the slogan Lover is a sophisticated font is available on (I know it’s a bit biased, but you have to admit it is gorgeous)! It is retailing at £42.00 but is made from a cotton-rich fabric and will last. However if it’s too much at the moment keep an eye out for it in the sale!

Let me know your favourite or pet hate slogan tops!

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