Speed dating – the results!

OK, so as you know my last post was all about what to wear speed dating. In it I talked about naughty necklines, how to wear your hair makeup (or lack of) and so on.

That was a week ago – I can now confirm that I have conquered my dating fear and had 14…interesting 4 minute conversations with the young, the quirky and the old…very old. To give you a quick overview of the night in terms of alcohol consumed, it consisted of half a bottle of wine, a Godfather, G&T, disaronno on the rocks and some creamy cocktail!

In terms of fashion however, I have to say myself and my friend looked very nice. I wore my black and white leopard print tulip dress with high cut-out back detail and flat shoes, whilst my friend opted for a gorgeous little number from Mango – a shift dress with all-over pattern print and ankle boots. I have to say the majority of the girls there were extremely well dressed.

First up we met two friends, who were looking to do something different. The first had a stripey jersey dress, with a low V-neck (I know what I said and I still stand by the fact that you shouldn’t wear something so low), but made up for the low cut with a lovely blazer. Her friend knew how to dress her feminine curves and wore tailored black trousers with a long sleeve black top – again with a low neckline, but hers was covered in a beautiful delicate lace pattern for a sultry, yet chic boudoir appeal.

One girl, who came on her own, Tina, was so lovely and had opted for casual chic in a pair of dark wash fitted denim jeans and an animal print top with tan heels. This combo worked really well and suited her sandy short locks which were trussed up.

Finally, there was a woman in her late 20s/early 30s, who broke all the rules, but not in the way you would imagine. I’m not saying you have to get dressed up like a dogs dinner, but to turn up in an old pair of loose-fitting , faded jeans, a baggy tee, with absolutely no makeup and your hair scraped back does not send out the right message (that you are either taking it seriously or are there to have fun with your friends)!

As a quick side note, the majority of the men had quite decent dress sense – there were a couple of checked shirts and one very ill fitting suit, but on the whole, they were very decent!

OK so the results…

Well I put all my eggs in one basket and ticked date for an attractive town planner, a tall town planner should I say, with good dress sense, a great sense of humour and who was getting a puppy in the near future. However, when I logged in a couple of days later it said I hadn’t been to any events so poof went my dream!

My friend didn’t get any dates, but perhaps that’s because she ticked friend for a couple of funny guys and ditched the rest!

One of the girls we met thankfully got some dates and a friend too! This was the girl in the jersey dress – maybe a low cut really does work as she got 5 dates, 1 friend and an awesome time – good for her!!!

I’d definitely recommend speed dating, but remember to choose your outfit carefully!

I’m jetting off to Berlin tomorrow for a cheeky weekend getaway – be sure to check out my next blog all about what to pack for a city break using just hand luggage!

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