Packing for a city break

I can’t tell you how excited I am about my short break to my favourite city in the world…Berlin. I think if I did try it would come out as some shrill noise instead!

This will be my sixth trip to the city – told you it was my favourite! I’ve done countless historical tours (so much so that I can now show others round very confidently), partied it up by the Brandenburg gate at New Year, visited the zoo and clubs, drank copious amounts of beer and on my last visit I rode around on a beer bike of all things singing Spice Girls tunes! So it’s fair to say that I’m all about this awesome city.

In just a few hours time myself and four friends will be jetting off from Liverpool airport to celebrate my bestest chum’s birthday. However, for this trip we decided to only take hand luggage and one suitcase between the five of us.

So, what do you pack in a small case for a city break?

Well my first attempt looked something like this…

First attempt!
First attempt!

Shortly after I realised I had forgotten perhaps the most important item of all…

Ahh nearly forgot this!!!
Ahh nearly forgot this!!!

And so after a long search I finally put together this – don’t worry it shuts fine (honest)!

Attempt Two...FINAL!
Attempt Two…FINAL!

For our few days there I have packed:

A variety of underwear – matching obviously (in case I’m hit by a German beer bike)!
A black skirt
Two vest tops
A geek T-shirt
A thin coral jumper
A thick moustache jumper
Skull print skirt
Snow leopard print dress
Studded leather ankle boots
Toiletries (perfume, shower gel etc are going in the case)
Make up
Going out handbag
Daytime handbag
Friend has tickets
And my new business cards of course!

Told you I could fit a lot in. My black skirt is for the day time (if I’m up) and I have a few tops I can wear with it as well as a choice of jumpers, depending on the weather (it’s meant to be warm, but cloudy). My dress and black skull skirt are for the evenings – Berlin night life is a world apart from Liverpool. There are no rollers, short dresses, fake tan and heels. Instead it’s really casual, so I can get away with a skirt and tee and my studded ankle boots!
I’ll be wearing a print dress to the airport with flats and a brown leather jacket as we’ll be arriving in the evening.

So I think that’s everything – all that’s left for me to do is touch up my makeup, do a last minute check and get my bum to the airport for some pre-flight beers (in preparation of course)!

Whilst in Berlin, I’ll be snapping some locals to demonstrate my point about their urban, laidback style (handing out my business cards of course), ready to show you all next week.
Until then…Teus!

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