Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar & Grazia Beauty Bonanza

On Wednesday my friend invited me to an event she had seen advertised at Liverpool’s Harvey Nich’s Beauty Bazaar. In conjunction with Grazia magazine they had organised a night of beauty, pampering, style tips and much more.


Until now I had never stepped foot through the doors – I know, absolutely shocking – but I had no idea really what to expect. In truth I just thought they had some nail varnish brands and a bit of makeup. However, when we turned up straight from work, we were greeted by friendly faces and Prosecco (an endless supply might I add). We paid £10 on the door, but this was redeemable on any product you bought on the night.


After a quick wander round the ground floor I decided to sit down at the Chanel beauty space for a bit of advice on finding the perfect lip colour for my skin tone. The lady I spoke to was incredibly friendly and gave me loads of beauty tips. She had a play with colour correctors and concealers – advising me to carry my concealer down to my cheekbone and not just stop under the eye as this can create shadows the longer you wear it – making you look tired. Another great tip she gave me was to wear mascara with a purple tint instead of jet black as I have blue-grey eyes and the purple brings out the blue more. I can honestly say it works! We also decided on a bronze/gold lipstick for my skin tone.

The result was this…

Chanel lipstick ad mascara...amazing!
Chanel lipstick ad mascara…amazing!

I then went upstairs to explore and was absolutely amazed by the beauty, nails, skin care, hairdressers and countless other booths I was presented with. Recently I have been getting frustrated with several blemishes around my chin and jaw line so spoke to a woman from the Origins counter – all of their skin care products are made from natural ingredients and are non-perfumed. She was so lovely and gave me a facial and explained exactly what my beauty regime needed and didn’t need. She also gave me lots of free products so I could trial them and if they worked then I could buy them – so I’m watching this space!

All my free goodies - my Origins freebies are to the bottom right
All my free goodies – my Origins freebies are to the bottom right

After my facial though I realised all my makeup had come off and so I ran downstairs to the Benefit counter and asked one of the girls to quickly “do my face up”. She just laughed and in less than 5 minutes had colour-matched concealer and foundation, applied eyebrow cream, blusher and mascara for a beautiful finish – I only wish I was so quick at doing this for myself – or anywhere near as good!

After another wander round I discovered all of these treasures:

ESPA – I received a hand/arm massage and free face oil!
A shot of mango juice to refresh the skin
Face Lace – wow I want these!

Face Lace
Face Lace

Entered a competition to win a hamper of goodies (painted a bunny to do this)

Received a free Fifi Lapin tote bag

Fifi Lapin Tote Bag
Fifi Lapin Tote Bag

Had a tour of their beauty and waxing facilities – yes they have all of these facilities on the third floor as well as spray tan booths!
Watched a hair demonstration by Electric – how to create the perfect curls with straighteners

Listened to a beauty specialist from Grazia


Her best piece of advice was to ALWAYS take your make up off, no matter how tired, lazy you’re feeling or how much you’ve had to drink. So, in honour of her words I made sure to take mine off (sometimes I am guilty after a heavy night out of not taking my make up off)!

I really hope they do another event like this as it was really popular and I spied lots of shopping bags leaving the venue as we did.

Nails Inc - This is like my heaven!!!
Nails Inc – This is like my heaven!!!

A great evening had by all and I will definitely be frequenting their premises again and again…and again!

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