Chalkboard Nails by Ciate!

That’s right ladies, chalkboard nails! An old colleague told me about them a few months ago and they were only released a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve had to keep schtum as I also bought them for my bestest chum’s birthday.

Before I start my review let me just apologise about the image…it was going so well and then I realised I hadn’t photoshopped the last image – argh nightmare! I’ll do better next time – promise 🙂

OK, so let’s get started. I think it’s pretty obvious that I absolutely love this nail polish set, but here’s some factoids to get us in the reviewing mood…

Name: Chalkboard nails by Ciaté London
Cost: £25.00
Where from: They were exclusive to Selfridges, but are now available from Ciaté’s website (I ordered from Selfridges and both sets arrived within two days – absolutely brilliant service)!
Fun fact: Ciaté came up with the innovative Caviar Manicure!

The set comes in a beautiful box with fun chalk scribbles to help inspire you. Once you’ve gotten over the packaging, the contents will have you gasping in delight! So, what do you get?

*1 chalkboard paint pot
*1 bottle of matte top coat
*4 chalk pens; pink, yellow, white and blue (the yellow and pink ones are my faves)!
*Instruction manual – this handy guide also has two pages dedicated to different designs to inspire you!

You start by painting your nails with two coats of the chalkboard paint and then wait 15 minutes to ensure it is fully dried. I know this may seem like a long time, but it’s honestly not. I usually get so bored if I have to wait more than a couple of minutes when painting my nails, but I was totally engrossed with this set and started practicing what patterns I was going to do on my nails – on black paper of course!

Polka dot design!
Polka dot design!

When your nails have dried take the pen you want to use and make sure you have pressed it against a piece of paper to release the liquid chalk. Then just simply get drawing – you may want a friend to doodle on the hand you write with!

Exclamation mark!!!
Exclamation mark!!!

I had so much fun and created a different drawing on each nail. My favourites were a polka dot ensemble consisting of every colour and a yellow exclamation mark. Each colour creates a gorgeous contrast against the black. However, the only colour I struggled with was blue as this came out a bit thick, but once I got used to it it was fine.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, just simply wipe off with a cotton bud that’s been dipped in water – but do this straight away as if you leave it you’ll have to start all over from scratch.

Once you’re happy make sure you wait five minutes until it’s dry and then put the matte top coat on and leave to dry and that’s it…chalkboard fun that takes you back to the playground!

Oh, and it’s a dream to take off too and lasts well for a couple of days – if you look after your hands – so no dish washing etc (it’s the perfect excuse)!

What do you think, would you try them?

See what other hot and crazy ideas the lovely people at Ciaté have by visiting their website…personally, I’m looking forward to the rave-inspired UV set!

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