I’m walking with Sketchers GOwalk

As May is national walking month (I’m aware the month is nearly over, but it has been too wet to walk anywhere) I have decided to start walking to and from work a couple of times a week. I’ve estimated it should take me about 40-60 minutes each way. But, what to wear on my feet?

They need to be ultra comfortable, supportive and hardwearing so they last. After a lot of research into what to dress my feet in a friend (@versais_demauve) told me about Sketchers. At first I was a bit sceptical and chose to look at Converse ballet pumps, Hunter jelly shoes and adidas plimsolls instead, but all were too flat, not supportive (no cushioning), not durable enough and more of a fashion statement.

So, at the weekend I went for a mooch around town and came across the Sketchers wall in Schuh. At first I was unimpressed with the style of GOwalk – some look like slippers, but others were pretty OK. Now, don’t get me wrong, the likes of adidas and Converse have a much more aesthetic appeal to them (not to mention range), but once you put these Sketchers bad boys on you honestly won’t want to take them off!


I settled on a pair of navy (it goes with more of my wardrobe, but the red look gorgeous) Oasis style shoes from Very (as I could use my discount), which look quite similar to Toms. They have an elasticised canvas upper to shape and fit perfectly around your foot. The insole is antibacterial (or something like that) to prevent them from smelling – great news for all you walkers out there! Finally, the outsole. Good God it’s like walking on air!

Sketchers GOwalks in navy elasticated canvas upper
Sketchers GOwalks in navy elasticated canvas upper

The clever people at Sketchers have developed individual nodules called impulse sensors (or GOimpulse sensors to be technical), which can move together and independently for a more responsive stride. All this basically means is that they are intensely cushioned and will keep your feet incredibly comfortable as you’re pounding the pavement.

Sensory impulse nodules!
Sensory impulse nodules!

My first walk in them this morning was absolutely heavenly, like walking on air. I’m sure my muscles might ache after my walk home as I’m putting them through their paces (literally), but my feet are definitely loving the pampered feel these Sketchers GOwalks provide.

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