My Latest Purchase: Clarks Sandals…that’s right, Clarks!

Wow result! I’ve been after a pair of gorgeous wedges for the summer and when it finally arrived (the sun I mean) I still hadn’t found any.

Through my work as a women’s fashion SEO writer at I came across Clarks sexy revamp (I know, Clarks of all brands are now super sexy)! I wrote about their comfort levels, plush fabrics and ultra fashion-savvy styles. So much so that I convinced myself of their worth and on Saturday I went out to purchase a pair.

Although I’m in love with several pairs, I opted for one (as pay day is a mere 10 days away)! They are ominously named Propose Ring so fellas…I’m waiting!

In dark tan leather, they are perfect for this season’s wardrobe and will easily go with my summery outfits, from maxi dresses to maxi skirts and jeans to trousers.

Their T-bar design is gorgeously feminine and shows off your foot beautifully, whilst the chunky straps feature woven threads for added detail and impact. Chic and contemporary, the peep toe allows me to show off my freshly polished nails (I’m thinking coral for tomorrow to go with my floral print maxi dress)! Large metal buckle fastenings secure the fir and the wedge, at just short of 4 inches, lifts my look for a stunning silhouette.

Clarks Propose Ring Sandals

However, all of these features don’t even hit on the best part of the story…Clarks Plus technology. The insole is enhanced with their über-comfortable, plush technology for a walking on air feeling (I really need to stop using this phrase when talking about my shoes, but damn I make some good decisions)! I can practically run, jump and skip in them and they are available in half sizes as well as a choice of standard or wide fits.

Although they come with a hefty price tag (£49.99) you can definitely see why. They’re a long-term investment and their classic style gives them a timeless appeal so you can wear them summer after summer as your staple everyday sandals – I know I will be!

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