I like all the bags, I like all the bags…

Sang to the Calvin Harris tune “I get all the girls”…you know the one!

Anyway, over the past few days I’ve been writing about the new collection of handbags Very will soon be showing off as part of their Autumn/Winter 13 collection. I always leave these lush accessories till last as I get just a tad obsessed with them to say the least.

I like them black suede bags
I like them white PU leather bags
I like them Modalu bags
I like them mixed fabrics bags
I like them Spanish leather bags
I like them Italian Fiorelli bags
I like the French clutch bags
And I like Scandinavian crossbody bags
I like them fringe bags
I like them canvas bags
I like them shopper bags
I like them Diesel bags
I like them big wrist clutch bags
I like them statement bags
And I like them great big oversized bags

Well you get the point!

So you can imagine my disappointment when the Fiorelli bag I had my eye on sold out without warning. The gorgeous contrast of colours clashed beautifully for a nautical-inspired look. The barrel shape was quite simply stunning and what’s more (yes I did this), it easily carried my purse, phone, keys and other essentials – I discovered as I emptied my bag into this one…before my friend told me to stop being silly. Humph, silly – a girl needs to know these things!

Fiorelli Lucinda Shoulder Bag
Fiorelli Lucinda Shoulder Bag

Anyway, after a sulk, a quick look at the daily puppy on Instagram and I was ready to begin my search for a new daytime handbag.

Not long after I discovered this Fiorelli (I’m honestly not obsessed with the brand, but they have some amazing pieces in at the moment and a SALE)! Its gorgeous hues channel summer chic and I can imagine myself walking along the beach on a hot summer’s day, clutching this oversized satchel in one hand and an ice cold mojito in the other!

Sophie satchel by Fiorelli
Sophie satchel by Fiorelli

Well, come Thursday I’ll be placing my order and hopefully will have moved my possessions over into it by next week…cannot wait.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings about bags and, if you’re not a bag person…I suggest you get involved there are oodles of the lovelies that are perfect for you!

Remember, you can now read my latest blogs for Very.co.uk on the lovely Very site  under Laura Loves x

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