What to wear to an impromptu psychic night at your local…

So the plan tonight was to go climbing, but due to fatigue and a friend’s fat thumb it turns out that I’m now going to my first ever psychic evening.

As this is a fashion blog I am going to try and tie it into what to wear and so have done some quick research and found some little gems of information, like for example, did you know that if you want to know more about your social situation and which steps to take next in life then yellow is a great colour to wear as it allows the psychic to pick up on your raw emotion?

…I won’t be wearing yellow!

Wearing an outfit that is predominantly black or white makes you invisible to the psychic – they can’t pick up your energy and so it kind of renders the entire reason for going pointless.

…The little black dress is out then!

Now onto prints – my fave topic! If you wear a circle or dot print, polka dot for example, the spherical shapes push away bad energy and protect the person wearing them.

…Damn, why don’t I own any polka dot dresses!

Check prints and mesh detailing act as psychic nets, apparently, and so if you want to ask a psychic questions that require very direct answers then your best bet is to wear bold square prints. A website I viewed said these prints are a case of “Ask and you shall receive” energy.

…I’ve only just found out I’m going and so have no direct questions – also, I have no checked prints!

Floral patterns are notorious for channelling energy between yourself and the psychic. In some cases, people who wear floral patterns may be louder and more animated as they, knowingly or unknowingly, are receptive (sometimes responsive) to multiple channels of energy.

…Well I can be quite loud and animated and I also have a cute floral print dress…sorted, floral print it is!

I’ll hopefully post another post later, if I get a chance to sit with the psychic and divulge what was said.

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