Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s comic prints!

Ever since dressing up as Wonder Woman (black wig and all) for a fancy dress party at the young and fun age of 18, I have been in love with bold colours. So you can imagine my delight when I saw a dress with an all-over comic book print to it!
This was a few months ago and since then the trend has spiralled into a frenzy with everyone from Cheryl Cole and Karen Gillan to Little Mix’s Jesy and Katy Perry all donning their best print pieces.

Comic print celeb image

For me, the beauty of these prints are the colours. Reds and blues confidently contrast with yellows, blacks and whites for loud, proud prints that are overflowing with fun and attitude.
From skirts and crop tops to dresses and shoes, you can pretty much get anything in a comic print now! Here are some of my favourite pieces…

Comic print shop lookCrop top by New Look

Sweater by Topshop

Capped sleeve dress by New Look

For your next lunch date with the girls or a night on the town, a comic print will definitely have heads turning for all the right reasons so slip on your tallest pair of platforms, crank up the volume with some fake eyelashes and paint your eyes as bold as you dare to paint your nails for the ultimate, colour-popping outfit.

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