Girls, Get Your Brollies Out!

A leopard may never change its spots, but an M&S umbrella can certainly change its white polka dots!

Livening up these dreary days we’ve been having and certainly brightening up my days is my latest purchase…this colour changing umbrella by Marks and Spencer’s (yes, really, I’m blogging about a brolly, but have no fear – pay day is just around the corner)!

On the look out for a decent brolly since most of mine are battered, broken and bruised (well rusty) I found myself last weekend in Marksy’s with my Mum as she looked for a pair of jacquard print leggings. As she was in the queue, like a child spying sweets in the supermarket I spotted a spotty umbrella with an interesting tag.

“Colour changing effect”


Interesting I thought. Just how much fan can a twenty-something get from a black and white polka dot brolly that changes colour? Well a few days later and getting caught in a heavy shower after work and I had my answer…it turns out I can have endless fun with my new purchase as I’ve been raving to my friend’s. I love watching people’s faces as I stroll by whilst all sorts f colour changes are happening above my head!

I promise to buy a more interesting purchase next (I have my eyes on a pair of embroidered loafer-style shoes), but until then I suggest you just gaze at my magical umbrella until you can’t resist and have to get yourself one!

Tar dar!
Tar dar!

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