Liverpool Music Awards 2013

As part of my work with Liverpool Live I was given the opportunity to check out the Liverpool Music Awards at the epic St George’s Hall last week. Honouring the heroes of the city’s music industry from extremely talented local musicians to those working relentlessly behind the scenes to help them perform on Merseyside, the awards were back for their second year and I was on hand to check out the fashion…the good, the bad and the down right ugly!

The beautiful St Georges Hall all lit up!
The beautiful St Georges Hall all lit up!

First up the sequins… Certainly making an appearance across the fashion industry at the moment from catwalks to the high street, sequin embellished pieces were everywhere on the night. I saw an array of sequins making their way across several dresses from shoulder embellishments to draped all-over giving a glitzy finish as they sparkled under the many lights of the hall. Unfortunately for one lady a polka dot all-over sequin playsuit did more than catch the light – it caught my eye for all the wrong reasons. Not only did it look cheap, the fit and the ghastly shimmer it created was enough to put me off my food!


It was nice to see the peplum has made a return for the season and it looked beautiful on the more formal occasionwear pieces some women were wearing. I also saw it on several cocktail dresses giving them a figure-flattering style finish. One the ladies I saw, the peplum looked as it should – elegant and graceful, perfect for an awards dinner.


Although the prevailing fabric of AW13, PU made only a subtle statement which I was quite surprised about. Liverpool women are renowned for making fashion happen and wear all the latest trends so I was a little disappointed that the fabulous punk style hadn’t reached the city. Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing more of it on the fashion-conscious women of Liverpool in the near future!

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night for me was the abundance of netted underskirts – giving cute little dresses a beautiful swish and sway as they walked by for a striking prom style finish to an outfit. I definitely think the women and these skirts were 100% on trend for a glitzy, glamorous awards evening and will hopefully be seeing more of them on formal events and family soirees.

My Backstage Pass!
My Backstage Pass!

Heidi Grange’s figure-hugging, long sleeve printed dress complete with an up-do and bright lips – looked absolutely stunning! She was perhaps one of the only really well dressed female celebs of the night. Everyone else looked smart and chic but not in the same league as Heidi. Despite the ticket saying ‘Dress to Express’ some people took it upon themselves to wear the most ridiculously revealing outfits they could and nearly full-on flashed towards the end of the night.

Gorgeous little cake - very apt for a music awards night I thought!
Gorgeous little cake – very apt for a music awards night I thought!

All the acts had their own quirky fashion styles – I absolutely loved Bird’s felt hat and little leather ankle boots that suited her mysterious, woodland vocals perfectly. The worst outfit a performer wore though was easily this dipped hem dress with pumps and drag queen make up though! Absolutely horrendous…almost as unforgivable as the RnB style ‘dance’ moves she was pulling!

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