Nails Inc Love…

My love affair with Nails Inc continues as I merge two of their most recent and iconic shades together to create this gorgeous, girly and super playful look just in time for the build up to Halloween!

Duo take

OK here’s how to get started…

Step 1. After filing grab your fave base coat and get a quick, cute layer of it lapped on – after all, you don’t want to stain your nails and ruin the next polish you’re thinking of trying!

Step 2. Take the gorgeous Belvedere Road (fancy that, we have one in Liverpool) and starting at the cuticle apply in slow, even brushstrokes making sure the whole nail is covered – if you get some on your skin (I’m sometimes guilty of this, especially when painting my left hand) simply grab a cotton bud, dip it in nail varnish remover and dab away – simple!

Belvedere Road
Belvedere Road

Step 3. I was more than happy with one coat of this beautiful shade of purple, but when two is applied it will go a lovely, rich, darker hue. Just remember that sometimes applying several coats of polish (you already have a base, will apply the glitter and then a top coat) can make it peel very quickly!

Step 4. Once this coat has properly dried – mine was tacky after a couple of minutes, so as the two colours work together so well I even painted my toes the same too…talk about coordination! and after a few more minutes took the 3D glitter special effects named Sloane Square and lightly painted on a single coat. This polish is gorgeous and quite thick – so much so that it’s look great on it’s own so try not to lay it on too thick as you’ll obscure the Belvedere Road!

Sloane Square
Sloane Square

Step 5. After this has dried – this dries almost immediately, probably after a good couple of minutes – you are ready to sweep a clear top coat over the top and finally…

Step 6. Show them off, show them off, show them OFF!!! I can’t wait for work tomorrow to waggle my fingers around and see what reactions I get!

The gorgeous result!
The gorgeous result!

I can’t wait to try out more combinations of polishes from one of my favourite nail polish collection – I have several to try as my besties treated me to pot upon pot for my birthday a couple of weeks ago…the question is, where do I start???

Just a small selection from my growing Nails In collection!!!
Just a small selection from my growing Nails Inc collection!!!

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