Forget Roe, it’s all about Caviar this season darling!


Caviar nails continue to be one of the season’s hottest trends as far as nails go. So, I’ve purchased my own set and am giving you an easy step-by-step guide to give you a beautiful, salon-perfect caviar manicure at a fraction of the cost that you can call upon again and again!

OK so I’m a self-confessed Nails Inc lover, but I have been known to dabble into other brands…Chanel (although this is a treat), Barry M (a very affordable and cool polish brand) and more recently Ciate. I started my addiction to their brand with the gorgeous Chalkboard nails kit back in May and have been an avid follower of their brand ever since. They come up with some of the most fantastic and outside the box ideas that you can’t help but want to try.

With this in mind I paid a visit to my latest fashion love, TK Maxx, in Speke, Liverpool with the intention of buying some new nail kits when I came across this cute Caviar Nails set by Ciate. With options of blue or pink polishes this candy kit has earned it’s name!


I’m not going to lie, I was slightly reluctant to try it as it looks like a lot of hard work, but I took a chance (as I know Ciate take care to make their sets as simple as possible and each come with a very handy guide with instructions, ideas and tips. I got mine for an incredible £10.00 a great bargain as it usually retails at £18.00

Right, so Step 1: Prep…


Take out your kit and you should have:

  • One bottle of polish – your chosen colour (mine is the Tutti Frutti set)
  • One bottle of caviar multi coloured beads
  • A funnel to get the beads back into the bottle
  • A tray to pour the beads into
  • An instruction guide

Step 2: Apply colour coat…

Once you’ve filed and shaped your nails to how you like them (I prefer squared) apply one coat of polish and leave for a couple of minutes to dry. Once it’s dry apply another – I left out my ring fingers as I am only applying the beads to these. Once the second coat dries you will have a beautiful polish that looks something like this:

image 3

The Ciate polishes are luxuriously creamy and the brush is nice and thick, making applying coats simple, quick and smudge proof!

Step 3: Applying the caviar beads…

Once you’re confident that your second coat is dry, apply the second (previously missed) coat to one of your ring fingers and before it dries pour on the beads…well this is what the instructions say, however I found this super messy. Instead I pre-poured the beads into the tray and after applying the second coat rolled my nail in the beads, much like I do with the Nails Inc Bling It On sets.

image 2

Once the beads are on, gently press them down to make sure they stick to your nail. When you’re happy, repeat the process with your other ring finger.


Step 4: Wait…

That’s right, once you’ve pressed the beads onto your nails it’s time to sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes to make sure the beads are firmly in place and won’t budge once you start faffing about with your day-to-day activities. I chose to spend my 15 mins with a mid morning cuppa and a magazine!


Once they’re dry you’ll have a gorgeous Caviar manicure for a fraction of the cost and plenty of beads left over to create the look over and over!

image 4

Step 5: Clean up!

The final step was the one I was least looking forward to, but in the end took about thirty seconds and didn’t make as much of a mess as I expected. Simply brush the remaining beads that sit in the tray into the corner and put the funnel into the bead pot.


Then pour the beads into the funnel and watch them fill up the bottle. Any remaining beads that stuck to the sides I just shook in the bin, but there weren’t that many!


I love this kit and think it is totally worth the £18, but if you’re in the mood for a bargain I’d always suggest TK Maxx. I chose to do the single finger feature this time, but the guide has several other options and top tips for you to play with including manicured caviar tips and half and half designs that I think I’ll definitely be trying as well as many others. So, what are you waiting for? Get the caviar out and get ready to impress this party season!


*Ciate boast a huge range of Caviar sets, take a look at their website to discover the range!

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