Velvet Is A Girl’s Best Friend!

For Christmas I treated myself to several Wow Kits and nail polishes from Ciate – seeing as they’re currently having a ridiculous sale, I though it would be rude not to!

Although I have enjoyed their Chalkboard nails, Caviar sets and all forms of glitter, I have stayed away from the velvet collections as I thought it would be too time consuming, difficult and probably wouldn’t last long. However, I’ve finally given velvet a go and the go ahead as you can see from the results…

Velvet Fingers

Although slightly messy – not my best effort, but I was watching one of my Christmas DVD’s! Here’s how I went about creating my velvet nails:

  1. Wipe your nails down with nail polish remover and a cotton wipe to make sure there is no residue on them
  2. Take the paint pot – mine is the dark, emerald green of 3 am girl! Apply one coat and allow to dry
  3. Next, take the velvet – Ciate say sprinkle it on, but I found that it didn’t come out very well so I shook some into the tray provided
  4. Then apply a second coat to one nail at a time and roll it in the tray of velvet, making sure to cover every bit of the nail
  5. Lightly press the velvet to make sure it sticks and repeat with every nail
  6. Finally, use the cute brush provided to wipe away any excess velvet dust and voila…you’ve got yourself some vixen velvet nails!

I love the texture, colour and the ease of this nail varnish set for a quick fix that’ll have all your friends green with envy.


  • Easy to apply
  • No mess
  • Takes next to no time to complete
  • Velvet stays on – I’ve only had it on a few hours, but I’ve already exfoliated my face and showered etc


  • Although the velvet stays on it does collect things – most notably fabrics, dog hairs and crumb – disgusting I know, but I have to have a biscuit to dunk in my tea!

As you can see, the pros definitely out weigh the cons, so I’d strongly recommend that you give these Ciate Velvet Nails a go!

Ciate Velvet nails

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