O.P.I: Continuing the metallic trend into spring

So the other day I found myself with just enough time to wash my hair, put a bit of a face on and get dressed up ready for a night with the girls. Since Christmas I’ve been inundated with nail varnishes of all colour and collections, across all brands and have been dying to get my hands on them, but have been waiting for the perfect time.

Now as you ladies will well know when getting ready for a night out your nails are a bit of an after thought – in the sense that I’d rather go out with nude nails than a nude face or, even worse, body (can you imagine?!?). So perusing my shelf of nail polishes I stopped at this O.P.I Glitzerland number.


I had my nails done with shellac over Xmas so have not yet had the chance to use this pot of gold, glittery goodness until now…

It was the utmost perfect pick with 5 minutes to go before the taxi came a beeping! I applied one coat (no base coat – naughty – but was in a rush) and the result was a little meek and barely there. However, this polish is so quick drying, which is amazing considering it’s pure glitter, that I was able to quickly apply a second coat and the results were…incredible!


Oh, did I mention the chic little speckles in contrast black for a spotted egg shell effect – icing on the cake!

These nails were the perfect partner to my little black dress, tights, shoe boots and glittery gold eye shadow and accessories! Definitely worth a 7/10!

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