Radley: A Timeless Investment…

Timeless, get it???

Very.co.uk have just launched their collection of Radley bags, purses, accessories and watches and as I’ve worked 60 hour weeks for the last 2 months I thought well, why not treat yourself…but what to?

It was between a gorgeous Ted Baker oxblood red leather bowler bag and a Radley watch…I’d just bought a Fiorelli bag (half price) before Christmas so decided to go for the watch.

Now Radley has never been one of my must have, go to or, to be honest, much looked at brands, but there was something about this small time piece that I loved.


Featuring a rose gold face and button detail with a grey bovine leather strap (incredibly thin) and little Radley himself (the infamous Scottie dog) lining to inner strap in standing and running positions this watch is a highlight of my New Year purchases…so far.

I think I’m so excited because its been several years since I owned a watch. My last one in fact was a lovely thing from Swatch after I broke up with an ex – yet another treat for treat’s sake. However, as I make my way from meeting to meeting, have a quiet drink with my other half in our local or just catching up with the girls over dinner I feel amazing with this sophisticated and feminine watch on my wrist and after all, isn’t that all that matters?

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