Fashion Designer of the Month: Diane von Fürstenberg

You may think that DvF is a funny place to start my 2014 look into fashion designers, but after writing so many wrap dresses ready for people to start putting together their SS14 wardrobes, I thought why not?

She is, after all, the symbol of the wrap dress.

DvL image

Re-launching her self-named fashion company back in 1997, Diane reintroduced the iconic and undoubtedly ladylike wrap dress back onto the fashion scene.

You may think that the wrap dress is for women who are of a certain age shall we say, but having been surrounded by them for the past few months I can safely say there is definitely one for everyone whether you’re a girl who loves prints, wants to show off her pins or is a firm believer in sleeves and making the most of her tiny waist!

The simple style of the wrap dress boasts many benefits, but my favourites are:

  • The crisscross bustline – This is a really simple design and, to be fair, the piece de resistance of the ‘wrap’ dress, but it’s a classic example of why less is more. It creates the illusion of a smaller waist, which lets face it is a huge bonus without having to squeeze into any shapewear monstrosities.
  • Versatility – The fact that the wrap dress is worn by women across age groups stands for itself. However, just to put a fashion spin on it – it’s a highly transitional piece. Regardless of whether you go for sleeves or not you can layer up a wrap dress in the winter with a cropped jumper, knitted cardigan and leather boots – short, long, ankle, it’s up to you. In the summer keep it simple, like the design itself, with minimal jewellery, strappy sandals and a cute leather bag.
  • Objective when it comes to weight – It’s true. Whether you’re a size 8 or 18, the wrap dress flatters your arms, bust, waist and hips and, depending on the fabric, will sleek and smooth any lumps and bumps. The range of colours and prints that the wrap now comes in is phenomenal and, of course, will also help to create curves or narrow your thighs!

Here are some of my favourite pieces of DvF’s:






Did you know?

Diane’s surname, Fürstenberg, was from her first marriage to German prince Egon of Fürstenberg?

She was allowed to keep the family surname after their divorce, but unfortunately she couldn’t keep her Princess title.

Diane created a fragrance, which she named Tatiana, after her daughter?

In the early ‘90s she sold her line, Silk Assets, on the home shopping channel QVC?

Speaking about that time she said “It was tacky, but it gave me confidence.”


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