What I Wore

Keira Lennox

Things are getting really fancy around here. In the spirit of keeping the personal style element of this blog going in spite of an absent photographer — we’ve all seen what happens when I try to fly solo with a tripod —  I give you these daily iPhone-propped-on-a-ledge selfies, with help from a recently downloaded timer app. Fancy! 

This may become a new thing; a once-a-week roundup of what I wore. Since most of my outfits are pretty simple these days (hardly worthy of dedicated blog posts) and I wear the same stuff on repeat, this will be a good way to share without over-sharing. Keepin’ it real, and all that. Cool?

Now petite girls, gather ’round; I’m about to drop some knowledge…

High-waisted jeans with just a little flare are the best things to happen to us since six-inch stilettos. I love my American Eagle Hi-Rise Artists; they’re…

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