It’s A Nails Inc Trio…two purple hues and a load of glitter!

While catching up on one of my fave progs…Benidorm (haha, one of my guilty pleasures), I decided to try a Nails Inc trio of a nail polish style.

I consulted my array of varnishes and decided on these three little beauties – all Christmas and birthday presents from last year!

Nails Inc trio

To begin I decided to opt out of a base coat…naughty I know, but I was trying to see what nonsense Matteao and the gang we’re getting up to. I painted one coat of lilac in smooth even strokes being careful to stay way from the edge of the nail.

Lilac Nails Inc

Next I took the dark purple and messed about with different tip styles. I’m a huge fan of diagonal tips as you’ll know, but I also tried a slimmer tip almost like a French polish. However, as I was going for colour contrast I decided there was only one way to go…bold! So I painted these mahoosive tips on and waited for them to dry.

Purple tip Nails Inc

Finally I took the Nails Inc Glitter 3D and went over the dark purple tips with an impressive amount of glitter for high shine beauty! And that’s it – no top coat, as I’d already applied three coats I didn’t want it to peel off easily and I can safely say this only took me ten minutes to achieve…my cuppa was still warm and what’s more, I’ve just washed my hair and the polish is in tact…even after several rinses!

Final Nails Inc with glitter tip

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    1. ljaneallen says:

      Aw thank you! So easy to do πŸ™‚

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