My Latest Purchase: House of Holland Nails

So just before giving platelets today I decided to go for a little window shop around Liverpool and found myself in Boots.

After browsing through the mascaras something colourful caught my eye…


These amazingly kooky nails come in a range of fun, colourful and wonderfully playful designs. I was so excited after hearing and reading so much about them that imagine my amazement when I saw they were reduced to clear!

As I’m on a tight budget I picked these two collections…


Geek Chic as let’s face it, everyone’s a geek for something and mine is probably nail varnish!

This set comes with every pattern from a checked suit and braces to a calculator and a pair of specs!


Face Ache – this set will you and everyone else having a bit of a giggle with it’s collection of silly faces including a cross eyed fella, a guy giving you a cheeky wink and a little lady pulling her tongue out at you!

I can’t wait to try them-though probably not all at the same time!

Keep your eye on the blog for my next nail varnish posts…

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