Valentine’s Day Nails ’14

I went for my Nails Inc leather effect for a gothic rework of Valentine’s Day nails, but who knows…next year may be all about the hearts and this style is really cute!

Nail Luxxe

Whether you’ll be wined and dined or be cuddling up on the sofa, Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

So of course, to mark the occasion I switched up my manicure and exchanged it for a hot pink base with mini bubblegum hearts on the ring finger.  It uses very similar colours to last year’s Valentine’s Day Nails but I subbed the Dusty Rose for Barry M Pink.

VALENTINES Day nails Nail Art

I’ve noticed that a lot of Valentine’s Day manis feature mini hearts on them this year, which I think looks super cute so I decided to add a few little hearts onto a bare nail.  I used OPI Barre My Soul and then added the hearts by using a toothpick. I didn’t find it as easy as it looked but I sort of got into the swing of it after a few attempts.

On the solid colour nails, I added a swipe of…

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