Fashion Icon: Twiggy


Born in 19.09.1949, London, Lesley Hornby was soon to become the face of Mod

A singer, actress and model, Lesley was soon nicknamed Twiggy

She became the symbol of swinging sixties London in her teenage years when she was recognised

After cutting off her long locks she was one of the first to adopt the, what we now know as the, pixie cut

Image 1


Twiggy is the infamous face of 60s Mod and outshined her model counterpart Penelope Tree

The doe-eyed expression that made her famous is as much a part of her iconic style as the clothes she wears

One of the first models to show off the ‘crop’ hair do, her iconic image will always be one of Carnaby Street, Camden and Mod London

In 1967 she created a line of Twiggy dresses that were synonymous with the decade and perhaps her most photographed in piece

Image 2


1. Stripy monochrome dress from Motel Rocks

2. Leather knee-high boots by ASOS

3. Eylure double false eyelashes from Boots

4. Bourjois Queen Attitude kohl eyelinerΒ from Boots

*Throw on a battered biker jacket for off-duty Mod chic this spring!

shop the look

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