Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) Fashion Special!

Calling all pancake lovers! In tribute to the batter guzzling, topping tasting day itself I thought I’d write a post about my favourite pancake toppings and show off some retro fabrics to go with them!!!

So first up it’s got to be the original classic…Lemon and Sugar!

Lemon and Sugar Classic Dress

Thanks to Rockabilly’s profile on Etsy I found this cute 50s style day dress in a gorgeous lemon hue with a fresh white contrast body – lemon and sugar…get it?

Next up it’s Strawberries – you can’t beat em, especially with a drop of cream or ice cream!

Strawberry Dress

How cute is this strawberry print 50s tea dress on Etsy??? It’s perfect for summer – forget strawberries and pancakes, I’m thinking strawberry mojitos, sangria and picnics!

Finally, sticking with the fruit theme as lets face it no-one wants a chocolate dress do they? It’s the flirty, sweet and oh so cute cherry bomb!

Cherry Bomb Dress

Or how about this little number from

Cherry Print Dress

I love it – it’s vintage, retro and totally summer – not to mention perfect to accessorise with!

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