Springtime Styles: Men Vs Women

After listening to a presentation a few weeks ago in work, in which representatives from the female and male fashion world presented their ideas on next season’s colours, prints and cuts, I started to think “Just how different are the trends between men and women’s fashion?” After a little research I came across a blog post on Paul Fredrick’s website – unfortunately their blog is currently undergoing a little TLC but you can take a look at their beautiful collection of dress shirts and more on their website.

Yes, it’s a men’s clothing brand, but it demonstrates my point perfectly. Fredrick’s looks into the following trends for Spring Summer 14:

Retro Casual

In a man’s world this means peak lapels, spread collars and high-waisted trousers harking back to the days of the forties and fifties.

In a woman’s world, this relaxed, vintage style can be seen in skater dresses, pastel hues and high-waisted swimming costumes.


Loose Fits

In a man’s world, Paul Fredrick looks to suits with softer lines that move away from the more tailored-like cuts of recent years.

In a woman’s world this season sees the boyfriend jean spring onto centre stage with its relaxed, off-duty style. However, most women will be wearing theirs with a bold print or loose fit kaftan style cover up to bring in a little femininity to their look.

Boyfriend jean

Floral Patterns

In a man’s world florals are now becoming more and more popular in the warmer seasons – I’m really surprised by this as it’s such a feminine pattern and incredibly predictable for women this season.

In a woman’s world florals are big news, season after season, and this spring is no different. From leggings and maxi dresses to shoes and knitwear, this is the season of the floral print.



In a man’s world blue can be seen around the clock, but this season sees them working their way into the more pastel orientated arena that is spring. From sky blue dress shirts to navy suits, Fredrick’s believe this is the season of the aquatic hues.

In a woman’s world I can tell you that Spring Summer 15 will mix it up a bit on the blue field with rich cornflower hues, while this year remains all about the pastel colours – which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but on this one I think we should keep up with the boys and throw in a little navy just to mix it up!


Leather Bags

In a man’s world leather bags are becoming a huge story with the increasing popularity of tablets and other electric devices. Traditionally men prefer leather – it’s masculine, strong and full of class. However, this season sees the introduction of softer fabrics.

In a woman’s world leather has long been dropping out of favour – to own a leather bag nowadays is to truly invest. PU fabrics are hugely popular among the fairer sex and their popularity has increased tenfold over the last five years or so with the price of PU rocketing to £60 and above. It gives the look of leather without the cleaning and upkeep hassle, but at the end of the day a solid leather bag will last you for seasons to come and have an incredibly timeless appeal.


Spring Must Haves

So to wrap up this post I believe this spring is all about bold, colourful prints especially those in a mix of pastels and watercolour effects like Ted Baker’s collection this season. Neon remains one of the hottest trends making statement colour pops on many outfits as the temperature starts to rise this season. Pastels are in it to win it and I think they make a great change from last year’s monochrome that has stuck with us through several season’s – I say it’s time to leave the sixties and delve deeper into our history…welcome the fifties and their flirty splashes of coloured fabrics!

Spring Throw Backs

For now florals for me are out and I look forward to SS15 when they become more tropical and exotic than English country garden. Monochrome is an easy and seemingly timeless option – now don’t get me wrong I love it, but feel like this season we should move on and empower our spring wardrobes to be vibrant!

What’s your favourite trend for spring and what can’t you wait to leave behind?

*All male images courtesy of Paul Fredrick, except for leather bag.

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