Fashion Icon: Vivienne Westwood


Born 08.04.1941, Vivienne Isabel Swire married Sam Westwood in 1962 sparking one of England’s most notorious fashion designers

Renowned for her flaming orange hair, Vivienne’s eclectic style has been a staple in her dedicated career

Her range of products is diverse and in some ways linked to her charity work which includes climate change and civil rights group Liberty

Her designs are not for the faint hearted as her skyscraper heels proved for Naomi Campbell at Westwood’s 1993 fashion show

 Image 1


Her phenomenal fusion of punk a fashion – her style is the symbol of the 70s punk era for many

The ability of her creations to be worn from everybody from Gwen Stefani  Camilla and Princess Eugenie

Her passion and the way in which her designs are always a surprise – they shock, inspire and are never dull

She progresses with the times – moving her designs away from punk (though not completely) and embodying the iconic ‘Tatler’ girl for the next generation

 Image 2


1. High waist wet look leggings by

2. Sex Pistols longline T-shirt from ebay

3. Peep toe strappy heels by Dr Marten

Vivienne Westwood

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