Fashion Icon: Naomi Campbell


Born 22.05.1970, Naomi Campbell was one of the first Supermodels in the world alongside Kate Moss

Campbell is renowned for her incredible skin and bone structure, some thinking her Afro-Jamaican Chinese-Jamaican heritage is behind it

Despite her negative press due to her volatile temper, Naomi has been heavily involved in activist charities for years

Despite being one of the world’ stop supermodels and black supermodel, she was never paid anywhere near as much as her white model colleagues



Always well put together she focuses on strong lines and clean cuts, showing off her toned frame in sharp shoulders and large lapels

Perhaps a little safe sometimes, but she knows how to work her angles in all black or all white pieces

Her hair, whether weave or not, is one of her most iconic assets-always long, sleek and angular

Her skin is flawless and although is not necessarily fashion in terms of what she wears it’s a staple look that she’s maintained throughout her career and well into her forties, she’ll forever keep her looks for this reason (and a little help from her amazing bone structure no doubt)!

 Naomi Campbell2


1. You’ve got to make it either a black or white sharp shouldered jacket – you’ll find plenty of contenders on ASOS and ebay!

2. Get luscious, sleek locks like Naomi’s with the L’OREAL Ever Sleek shampoo and conditioner set

3. In the words of Ms Campbell herself…for flawless skin “you better get a dermatologist.”

Naomi Campbell3


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