DIY vs. Nails SOS

OK so a lot of you may have noticed that I haven’t been as forthcoming with the blog posts over the last several weeks. Well, I have an awesome excuse…I’ve just bought my first house and so have been busy decorating it!

It’s been stripped, steamed, plastered, painted, wallpapered and scrubbed top to bottom amongst other things, but what has happened to my nails throughout this whole process?

Well, as you know I’m a fiend when it comes to painting my nails and so the last month or so have been really difficult – they’ve got thinner and started to peel, not to mention breaking off at awful angles (sometimes painful)!

So if you’re thinking about doing some serious DIY around your pad then here’s my top tips for keeping your talons strong and healthy…making you happy and confident.

  1. Cut em’ short and file them into a rounded or squared off edge (however you prefer). Seriously there’s no point in delaying the inevitable…one or two are going to snap off as you try to open a paint pot or start stripping the wallpaper.
  2. Leave off the nail polish. I know, this was torture for me – I paint my nails a good twice (sometimes more a week), but to be perfectly honest you won’t have time and it’s best to keep them natural.
  3. Invest in a good cuticle oil. I went for a Nails Inc vitamin e cuticle pen that you brush over your cuticles and leave for ten minutes before massaging it in. It’s the perfect mini treatment after a long hard day – just pop the kettle on, apply the oil and sit back and enjoy a cuppa and your fave soap then rub it in.
  4. Use a nail strengthening polish. Again, just sit back at the end of a hard day and apply it quickly – your nails deserve a little TLC. I popped over to Boots and bought Sally Hansen’s Miracle Cure polish that helps prevent nails from chipping, peeling and general wear and tear. It takes a few days to really take effect so there’s nothing wrong with using it anyway, whether you’re decorating your bedroom or renovating the hall!

Finally, just a couple of extra tips…eating healthily is a natural deterrent against brittle nails. Eat lots of foods that are high in iron, zinc and natural fats and oils like spinach and mackerel. Why not scoop an avocado onto your daily salad? Or go for a scrummy spinach and pine nut pizza when out with friends?

I also found it useful to wear rubber gloves/marigolds when washing up and being extra vigilant when it came to moisturising!

Oh and a definite DON’T is false nails…it doesn’t matter how special the occasion is or how much you want to paint and preen your talons…do not fall into the temptation of falsies – they’ll undo all of your hard work!

Hope this advice helps all you DIY wannabe’s – in my case it was a little too late, but they’re back on the mend now and I look forward to showing off my latest nail art with you all soon x

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