Paul Fredrick’s Summer 2014 Collection

OK so the last few weeks I’ve managed to actually take some proper time away from the day job and enjoy some exciting times with the other half, which involved a trip to Paris and the Epsom Derby.

It is the last point, the Epsom Derby that I’d like to concentrate on. Never have I felt so pressured to dress appropriately than for a horseracing event. However, both Rob and myself dutifully went out to the High Street and I found a dress (fascinator, shoes and accessories) and thought he’d have found a suit no problem in the hour we were separated.

But this was not the case. We trailed around the same shops for a good few hours looking at colour combos, quirky ties and the array of suits lined up on racks…and don’t even mention the shoes.

So imagine how excited, albeit too late, I was when I received Paul Fredrick’s Summer 2014 collection.

Although at a first glance the younger man may be overwhelmed with the stripes, Paisley and fabrics at a further glance this collection addresses all the problems Rob faced above.


Their collection of lightweight and pastel coloured seersucker suits are perfect for this heat wave we’re experiencing and I love the science behind it. The mixture of smooth and textured woven cotton means that the fabric is held away from the body ensuring enhanced ventilation and breathability so you stay cooler for longer. In striped blues and whites to pink and whites this new season collection is reminiscent of the dresses I used to wear at primary school and so introduces a playful, lost youth appeal.


Renowned for their smart dress shirts this collection works in more colour for the summer as well as contrasting patterns including large pink checks and lean statement stripes. What I love about their shirts is the attention to detail. Yes you can buy a smart shirt that fits well from most High Street stores, however the collar insert and internal detail to the cuffs is striking and adds to the intrigue of a man willing to make a statement when it comes to his wardrobe.


From pure silk to imported with every pattern imaginable including boats, Paisley and botanical, Paul Fredrick ties are in a league of their own. Some may say they’re too outrageous, but I feel like menswear is taking a step back from the original classic chic of Hugo Boss ads. I have seen more textured, printed and contrasting ties this summer than I ever though possible (on men of all ages might I add) and I can honestly tell you it’s refreshing.

So my must have pieces from the collection (although I wouldn’t recommend wearing them together) are the three-piece blue stripe seer sucker suit – it’s quirky, lightweight and the perfect pick for a summer on the Riviera. The Melon Solid Contrast Trim, Edged Stitched Straight Collar shirt purely for the colour and the contrasting blue check edging. And as for the ties, I’m smitten with the imported silk floral motif – it’s subtle and hints at his softer side whilst still being masculine.

No matter your age, Paul Fredrick’s latest collection is definitely worth a look if you’re after something a little different from what the High Street has to offer this summer.



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    1. ljaneallen says:

      Hi Cameron, glad you like my blog! Sure thing, I’ll check it out x

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