Fashion Icon: Penelope Tree

penelope 4


Born in 1949, Penelope Tree first modelled at the age of 13, but the photos were banned by her father who threatened to sue the photgrapher if they were published

She was described by David Bailey, with whom she lived with for a period, as an Egyptian Jimminy Cricket on account of her exotic look and pint size frame

Synonymous with the sixties as The Beatles JohnLennon described the up and coming model as “Hot, hot, hot. Smart, smart, smart”

Her modelling career began with such promise, but ended abruptly when late-onset acne made her less desirable to photographers

penelope 1


Her exotic looks gave her an incredibly versatile style – almost like Kate Moss who looks completely different from one campaign to another

Her delicate features had the look of an Egyptian Queen, while her long lashes, thick hair and experiments with large jewellery often gave her a gypsy like persona

The lesser known model of the sixties, Penelope was the sixties itself and promoted and encouraged the emancipation of women through her free ways and even freer fashion choices

She once turned up to a black and white ball in a jumpsuit with a deep V-neck and rips to the hems revealing her tights beneath – it was for this incredible individualism that saw her become a fashion icon almost overnight


penelope 2

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