Review: REN Cleanser

While doing my weekly shop I strolled, as I do, towards the magazine rack and picked up InStyle ready for my cuppa and read when I got in and put my shopping away – it’s become a bit of a ritual over the last year or so and I love it!

Anyway, as I picked it up I noticed the little give away they had – REN cleanser and hot cloth. Well now I usually use unperfumed, natural ingredient products on account of my sensitive skin, but the tube said suitable for all skin types so I thought why not, lets give it a go. REN Clean Skincare pride themselves on avoiding petrochemicals, harsh sulfate detergents, irritating synthetic fragrances, colours, PEGs and parabens in their products and only using natural ingredients.

Ren Cleanser Review

The Packaging…

Kind of simple really considering a standard size cleanser costs around £16. The labelling is clean, but the instructions on the back are pretty small to read.

The Process…

Simple and straightforward – like any hot cloth cleansing treatment. Simply apply the cleanser (which is lovely and creamy rich by the way), run the hot cloth under warm water and apply to face to open up the pores then polish the face to remove the cleanser. Then simply splash with cold water to close up the pores. Sounds simple, but I found the hot cloth didn’t get that hot nor stayed it so felt the percentage of open pores was pretty low.

The Feel…

Like I said above, the cleanser itself was lovely and thick with a creamy texture. It glided on smoothly and smelt beautiful – a scent that lasts for hours after! Afterwards my skin felt slightly tighter and was incredibly smooth-to-the-touch.

The Result…

Although the cleanser was creamy, smelt beautiful and left my skin feeling silky smooth, I was disappointed by the hot cloth and feel like my usual Elizabeth Arden Muslin Cloth experience is far better with similar, if not better results – the packaging is also a lot nicer and gives this simple everyday process a little flair.

Overall I’d give REN Clean Skincare a disappointing and underwhelming 5. Definitely worth a go if you can get a tester – the smell is gorgeous and your skin really does feel smoother, but for a little more investment you can guarantee a higher quality experience and softer skin results elsewhere.


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