Latest Purchase: Clarks Sandals

So last year I posted about my latest Clarks sandals that accompanied me everywhere last summer – to the beach, office and even Finland!

Sadly my love affair has come to an end and my constant wearing of them left them battered.

But onwards and upwards and straight back to Clarks where they’re having a super summer sale!

Now I’m quite fussy and decided I wanted near enough the same as I got last year. After a quick search I found these metallic beauties…


With silver and gold tone metallic leather straps they’re incredibly comfy and don’t rub. They even feature a comfort pad under the ball of your foot for extra comfyness!


Double buckle fastenings and a couple of crossovers add detail while silver metal studs accent the straps for an almost gladiator-inspired shoe. Complete with a cm round heel these sandals are my new best friend and have already made an appearance at the office, IKEA and very soon I’ll be showcasing them at Oktoberfest!!!


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