Latest Purchase: Clarks Handbag

Ok so remember yesterday when I told you about my lovely new sandals? Well that wasn’t the whole story!

I’d ordered my shoes online but decided to pick them up from the store as it’s only across the road from where I work.

Big mistake…

Not only were they having a sale, but they had EVERYTHING in my size-it was a Catch 22!

Anyway I made it past the shoes to the till where I saw this…


It was like love at first sight and at Ā£17.99 I had to have it.

I’ve found myself carrying it the grab handle to work, slinging it over my shoulder when it gets too heavy.

Although it’s not huge, I can easily fit my notebook, purse, perfume, keys and key pieces of make up in it with two slip compartments to keep it separate.

The brass lock is an old school style, while the luggage tag is a cute finishing touch giving the look of a satchel.

I love my Clarks bag and am trying so so hard not to go back in to the store or browse online…at least not until payday anyway!

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