Ciate Corrupted Neon Nails

So looking through the John Lewis sale last week I stumbled upon this cool neon nails kit…


It’s pretty similar to some Nails Inc collections in that you apply the neon base coat before rolling the wet nail in the neon glitter dust and then apply a top coat…


Although simple, what I love about the Nails zinc collections are the cute nail brushes that let you brush away any excess glitter that gets everywhere when you roll your nails in it! Unfortunately this Ciate set doesn’t come with one so you have to brush it with your finger.

The end result is…


Now I guess the finishing touch is bold and bright which I love and the whole point of these is that they’re neon and look awesome under a black light, but seeing as it’s been a while since any Alien Resonance nights in the Zanzibar I didn’t get to test it!

The next day though the effect was less than great. The later of glitter had started to flake away taking the varnish with it too!


So overall not my favourite polish I have to say, but possibly ok for one night at a time!

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