The Beacon collection has landed!

Recently I was asked to write a review about a company’s latest collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

After what was meant to be a lovely little research with a coffee turned into an enthralled readathon it’s now official…I’m hooked on Warby Parker!

Before I go on and reveal their latest collection, lets take a look at the popular, innovative and, to be perfectly honest, kooky-cool company that is Warby Parker.

Warby Wonders

  • After swapping stories about losing their eyeglasses (reading glasses to us over on the UK side of the pond) travelling or sitting on them and not being able to see for entire semesters the idea of Warby Parker was born.
  • I love their ethos that everybody should be able to learn and work – without a handy pair of glasses this wouldn’t be possible.
  • I also love that by designing in-house and changing the standard process of creating eyewear they are able to offer eyeglasses and sunglasses and awesome prices…so no more squinting at a screen or avoiding the lovely sunshine!
  • And finally I’m absolutely head over heels for their work with non-profitable organisations like VisionSpring in which they ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, another pair is distributed to someone in need (did you know that almost 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to glasses)?

OK, so enough of the love fest, lets get down to their latest collection…the Beacon.

The Beacon collection was inspired by those impromptu nights out – you know the ones, the dinner with the girls that leads to meeting cool people who invite you to an awesome house party or the “I’m only staying for one” which inevitably leads you to a warehouse rave and a walk back home as the sun rises.

The Beacon collection is for such people who love descending on the city scene as the sun sets and living every moment to the full until the sun starts to rise.

Not just about sunglasses for those gorgeous rooftop sunrises, this collection focuses on chic, city style eyeglasses to make sure you don’t miss a second of anything!




  • Flat browline
  • Subtle keyhole bridge
  • Fine pair for those with a distinct taste

Love or hate?

Whether you choose the eyeglasses or sunglasses, there’s no question that the Garrett will have you looking like a sleek, sophisticated member of The New York Times with their smart frames and no-nonsense silhouette.

Blue Slate is a cool alternative to classic blacks and metal frames giving your looks a dash of suave or sultry steel…depending on who’s wearing them!

In Oak Barrel they’re an all round season staple that will never go out of fashion and bring a little warmth to your face.


photo 2


  • Easy going, round frame
  • Suits medium faces and cheery personalities

Love or hate?

There’s something definitely cheery alright about the McKee. Whether it’s the cute round frames that soften any feature or option of Moonstone or Whisky Tortoise that I just find absolutely delightful, these frames make staying out till all hours easy and will have people flocking to you with your welcoming, cheery face!


photo 3


  • Squared-off lenses
  • Dipped browline
  • Perfect for both leisurely and pursuits and revelry

Love or hate?

These are more my kind of glasses. The slightly dipped browline of the Ingram and squared-off lenses is perfect for my oval face, helping to keep my features (namely nose) at bay! Personally I’m more of a Tiger Tortoise and love a go-with-anything pair of frames seeing as I could be wearing them with any number of outfits! Whereas, although I love the Revolver Black hue (the name mostly), I could see these on a well dressed man strolling towards me in black trousers, a crisp white shirt and skinny black tie doing his best Reservoir Dogs impression.


photo 4


  • Oversized lenses
  • Angled brow detail
  • Perfect no matter the occasion…or location

Love or hate?

I love, love, love these sunnies! The lemon frames add a punchy colour pop to your outfits, while the Tourmaline are perfect for watching the sun go down and getting ready to face the night. These, to me, are the perfect wear-with-anything, to-anything sunglasses. Whether you’re jetting off to warmer climes or getting ready for the staycation of your life, these lovely lenses have you covered!

So as you can tell I’m a major fan of both the company, brand ethos and their latest Beacon collection and would definitely recommend checking them out for cool inspired styles at extremely reasonable prices.

Shop the Beacon collection now at

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