Latest Purchase: Orz Watch

Ok I’m a great believer in using Instagram to check out new and interesting people with their own business who are able to offer something a little but different from the norm.

A few weeks ago I decided to a have a closer look at one of my fave followers @fashion9ds I love their jewellery and watches especially so decided to try both out.

I ordered an owl ring as well as an Orz watch, but I’ll get to the owl later.

What I love most about my Orz watch is the face.


It’s depiction of London is absolutely beautiful, featuring Big Ben, Victorian lamp posts, a newspaper and Big Ben’s face larger in size to the right. Complete with a plane flying over head it really is just something completely different-perhaps why I love it!

The pale blue strap is calm and tranquil and more robust than my delicate leather Radley strap, while the embellishment around the face is, I guess, supposed to set off the design. However for me it’s a little too much and detracts attention away from the oversized face.

All in all though I love this watch and can’t wait to show it off!


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