Business Pyjamas with AXA Insurance – win an iPad mini competition

OK so being a fashion writer you’d assume that I have to look on trend all of the time. Not so. Yes, of course when I’m in the office, at a fashion show or invited to an event launch you can see me sporting my favourite prints, skater dresses and sandals (I’m seriously anticipating my AW wardrobe too – time to get the gorgeous military coat and heritage riding boots out – can’t wait)!

However, when I’m not marching or positively pirouetting around Liverpool in search of fun and exciting fashion stories you will find me at home, fashion mags and Fashionary book in hand, checking out the latest styles to blog about for either, or Liverpool Live.

Since I was younger, studying for exams, I’ve always tried not to get into the habit of staying in my pjs all day – something I continue to exercise in my working life. However sometimes, especially when winter draws in and the days are colder and darker, there’s nothing more satisfying than sitting in your favourite pyjamas, cuppa in one hand and a magazine in the other!

I love being cosy and comfy and nothing says that better than being in my pjs with the fire on – and because I’m just so ridiculously content the ideas just flow and I’m inspired by everything.

Needless to say some of my most productive hours have been spent in my pyjamas. You could, if you like, even refer to them as my office pjs, 9-5 loungewear or, as the team at AXA have come up with…business pyjamas.

So why am I telling you about my working habits and my pyjama love affair?

Well AXA are asking you to show them your business pyjamas for the chance to win an iPad mini. Awesome yes?
All you need to do to get your hands on one of them is snap a selfie of you working in your favourite pyjamas (even if they are so old they’re classed as vintage with faded patterns and little moth balls) and write a blog post telling them what you wear for work – simple!

Post your photo on twitter #BusinessPyjamas and let AXA know by tweeting them @AXABizTeam

If you’re more of a Facey B person just post your super selfie on their Facebook page.

OK, so are you ready to see my favourite Business Pyjamas?


They were a present off my lovely Mum for Christmas many years ago when I came back from my very first semester at uni.

They’re understated and a lesson in why less is more. Smooth and soft-to-the-touch it feels like you’re surrounded by a cloud, while the contrast trims and buttons create a real loungewear appeal, so much so that I don’t feel like I’m working in my pjs!

So let’s see your fave Business Pyjamas and get taking those selfies for your chance to win an iPad mini!

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