Inbetween(seasons)ers Fashion!

So, the highly anticipated sequel to the Inbetweeners movie is out today and as a cheeky fashion-conscious spin on the name (not to mention appaling weather, weather-predicting apps and one confused wardrobe) I’m looking at…

How to dress when in between seasons?

The idea came to me yesterday, while walking back to my car with my bestie after celebrating a friend’s birthday on Lark Lane.

We were both dressed completely differently – me in a denim dress, leggings and sandals; her in a black jersey skirt, leggings, vest top, knitted kimono and flat shoes, yet both of us had had the same problem hours before…what do you wear? Is it going to rain? Is it warm enough for a jacket or is it too warm for one?


Throw in a mis-behaving weather app – we all know which one I’m talking about – and you’ve got yourself one seriously confused trans-seasonal wardrobe.

So, after having a little think I’ve put together some in between seasons must haves to start up a cute capsule collection that’ll have you covered come rain or shine until it’s time to wrap up for winter!


Ok so you’ve got an assortment of tees ready-I love River Island’s take on vintage French chic at the moment!

Then you’ve got your trusty leggings from any High Street store, but New Look’s are pretty reasonable.

Next up is your all purpose black cami dress-a cool casual frock that works day or night-this one from asos is a real treat, while the floral skater is perfect daytime dress etiquette!

Marks & Spencer have some beautiful macs – surely the hero cover up for in between season dressing?!?

My absolute must-have for any season is a leather jacket and this formal silhouette from Almost Famous certainly cuts the mustard!

Obviously you’ll be needing some denim in your wardrobe so how about opting for an autumn shade with these super soft skinny jeans by Love Label at Very?


OK so onto accessories – just as important, especially what to put on your feet!

I love a good block heel for day and night and these white wonders from Clarks are just the ticket!

Every girl needs an everyday pair of flats so try this pair from New a Look rather than more sandals – they promise to keep your feet dry just in case of any sudden showers!

Miss KG offer amazing ankle boots every season and I’m just head over heels (excuse the pun) for these stacked up beauties for adding attitude whether the suns out or not!

On days like today it’s obvious that a brolly is a MUST! I love the fashion umbrellas over at – their cute prints and styles will have you starting up your own brolly collection I’m sure of it!

And finally, an all purpose tote is a necessity! I love tan hues as they’ll take you right from the last days of summer through to winter – a definite investment and must-have item when building your capsule collection.

Hopefully these tips will have helped you out a little bit-I need to start taking my own advice as wearing a winter duffle over a maxi dress and sandals is not a look to be repeated!

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