Starting an online magazine…dare to dream?

A friend and colleague of mine has her own fashion label with her sister and two childhood friends. RAJE (pronounced rage) is a combination of their initials and uses ethically sourced fabrics and suppliers to deliver an urban fashion experience.

I started this blog 19 months ago as writing is, and has always been, my passion. Being able to write about fashion – iconic looks, new trends and offering style advice are just some of the things I love to do, so being paid for it is a bonus!

However, until this year I hadn’t thought about the possibility of turning imakemyownfashion into a ‘business’.


I’ve worked for start up companies in the past and worked extremely long hours networking at 7 am, then again at lunch before finishing my 14 hour day with an evening drinks and nibbles event.

It was, to say the least, extremely hard work – especially as it wasn’t mine.

I think the reason why I’ve never thought about starting my own business seriously before isn’t because of the work and effort that I’d need to put in (I know I’d relish it as it would be my own venture). Instead it’s the business plans, bank meetings with scary men in suits who may snigger at starting up an online magazine, getting advertising, ensuring I stuck to my business plan and have a process in place in which to grow my business.

All the background work that goes into making a business a reality in effect.

That’s why once I heard about Virgin’s not-for-profit StartUp programme, I started to really invest in the possibility that one day I could become the editor of my own online magazine – potentially moving onto coffee table worthy glossy editions.

Obviously, anyone with an idea, the passion and the get up and go can make a sincere attempt at starting their own business, but it’s the amount of support and hidden extras if you like that I love about Virgin StartUp

Not only can they help you out with a loan if they like your business idea, but they offer you a mentor, business advisor as well as inviting you to exclusive networking events with influential business owners.

It’s an incredible opportunity, especially in a climate where banks are incredibly strict about lending to small, start up businesses.

It’s really encouraging to come across something like this and will be a great help and confidence boost to people, like myself, who are serious about making it in business.


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