Fashion App: Vinted

OK so I’ve been having a mosey round for some latest fashion apps and came across Vinted – the answer to your quick fix fashion.


Similar to eBay, Vinted allows you to set up a profile, pick your clothes and shoe sizes and shop!


You can create a favourites list, contact the person selling an item as well as selling your own unwanted items!

It’s really easy to use and what’s more they give you a £9 voucher to use on your first order!

So after looking around and making my profile I decided to put this app to the test and looked for an item I’ve wanted for well over a year…tan heeled brogues!


I searched for all of 5 mins before I came across them – the app allows you to search for brands, product names as well as just sizes! I applied my discount and paid £5.90 including p&p for a pair of heels worn once!

Once you’ve paid the seller gets in touch and once they’ve posted it (they’re obliged to do it within 2days of your order) you can track your parcel!

I’m a little bit of a shoe nut so I also searched “Clarks” and “8.0” and look what popped up…


Never been worn leather brogues for £15! So I’ve ordered them too!

I’ll post about them in the next week or so once they’ve arrived, but until then it recommend you check this app out.

It’s FREE and loads of people are raving about it…check out the star rating and reviews…


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  1. Great article, girl! My name is Deimantė and I work for Vinted. I really like your blog! The thing is, we plan to start new campaigns on Vinted soon and we’re looking for some amazing bloggers to join us. If you are interesting in colaboration with Vinted, please contact me: Have a great day!

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