Fashion Icon: Charlotte Gainsbourg

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Born Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg on 21.07.1971 Charlotte is an Anglo-French actress and singer

She’s starred in films including Melancholia, 21 Grams and won a Cesar Award in 1986 for Most Promosing Actress for Leffrontee

She’s since recorded 3 solo albums, but made her musical debut on father’s track Lemon Incest.

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Although not a conventional beauty (famously saying she doesn’t like her “face, nose, hair, mouth…everything”) I love her almost Liv Tyler Lord of The Rings character elfin-like features – haunting

Again, like Marion Cotillard, she epitomises Parisian cool with her faded denims, trusty leather jackets and boots…ever the musician

I love that she pulls off laid back off-duty looks more so than red carpet outfits – I think it takes a lot more to be chic in a pair of jeans and a tee than in a designer gown!



1. NYDJ faded black jeans

2. Topshop plain white tee

3. River Island black leather biker jacket

4. Ash Jabouse suede ankle boots

image (14)

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