Latest Purchase: Topshop Cut-Out Ankle Boots

This week I’ve been in rather a frivolous mood, buying some new nail polishes, jewellery, clothes and fantasising about my winter wardrobe!

So basically I’m giving you guys the heads up that there’s going to be a lot of latest purchase posts.

To get ready for my night out with the girls tonight at the Camp n Furnace I needed a pair of ankle boots I can afford to get a little beat up. My last pair have sadly fallen apart after a couple of years of constant wear, gigs and partying in foreign countries!

So on my successful 20 minute shopping trip I stumbled upon these beauts…


Their cut-out detail to the sides continues the bad girl’s answer to a sandal trend that summer is so find of, while the metal double buckle fastenings add that industrial edge you crave from your beat up boots.


Finished with a modest inch heel they’re perfect and versatile enough for everything from the office to gigs.

I can’t wait to wear them tonight-they’re comfy and look great…I’ve finally made it into the cut-out club of boots!

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