Latest Purchase: Wet Look Leggings

I know, I know, they’ve been around for ages, but I like seeing where a trend is leading before I commit!

So after months of deliberation I finally thought it about time to get myself a pair of wet look leggings.

Still a bit dubious about the purchase – and the fact that my legs aren’t my best features I decided to go in easy. So I bought a pair of Very’s own brand South leggings…in tall naturally.


A style steal at just Ā£11 I wasn’t exactly thinking they’d be good quality but what do you expect right?

Wrong! As soon as I picked them up I had to try them…the length is like no other-I mean they’re perfect and the fabric doesn’t do that annoying see-through thing if you stretch them a little in places ( you know what I’m talking about…bum and thighs)!

They feel sleek to the touch and pretty luxe to be honest. My only bug bear is that being leggings they have an unflattering elasticated waist which gives a bunched up effect.

However I sorted this with a quick trip to Dorothy Perkins and Topshop opting for a red and black cami, loose fitting, slightly sheer and longer to the front to hide that pesky waistband of elastic!

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