Review: Argan Oil

I love my hair but don’t really tend to do a lot with it (I’m quite lucky in that respect).

So when I was picking up my Simple make up removing wipes from Boots I decided to treat my hair to a little treatment.

Well I say treatment, but in fact you can use this oil after every wash.


It’s quick and easy – simply wash your hair as usual and towel dry it off before putting a small amount of the Argan oil on your hand and rubbing your palms together. This heats the oil a little. Then simply work through your hair and dry.

Although most people use it with other Argan oil products for me this simple extra step on my hair care routine is fine.

It smells gorgeous and doesn’t leave your hands or hair feeling greasy!

After drying my hair smelt beautiful and was less tangled than usual after a swift blow dry.

I’d definitely recommend this product, it’s a good price, is easy to use and the results are subtle but you’ll love them!

A sweet-smelling 8/10.


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